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Warning Signs


If you think your transmission may be going bad, take a look underneath your car for wet spots or pools of liquid that may have resulted from leaks. It is possible that this liquid could be transmission fluid. Any leakage of transmission fluid is a telltale warning sign of upcoming problems.

Fluid Color

Take a look at your transmission’s fluid color. Automatic transmission fluid has a red translucent color. A bad transmission, however, will burn the fluid, charring it dark brown or even black in severe cases.


Burning Smell

Catching a sniff of a burnt odor? It could be that your transmission is overheating or is leaking fluid onto the exhaust. This should be addressed immediately – if engine oil or transmission fluid drips onto a hot exhaust it could catch on fire.

Check Engine Light or Blinking Overdrive Light

A check engine or blinking overdrive light can be an indication of a transmission problem. Modern automobile computers are extremely sensitive and can detect a transmission slip or malfunction that would go unnoticed by the driver. When your check engine light comes on, it’s telling you that something is wrong somewhere. Listen to it and get your car checked out!

Shuddering or Shaking

Sometimes a shuddering, shaking or bucking sensation is experienced, especially while driving at highway speeds. While this may be an engine tune up issue, it could also be a malfunction in the transmission. Bring it to our shop where we can properly diagnose and repair the problem.

Transmission Slippage

While driving, you may feel sudden unexpected jerks. These could be caused by the transmission slipping, meaning that it’s inadvertently slipping between gears. This slippage is one of the best ways you can tell that the transmission is going bad.

Delayed forward or Reverse

Delayed forward or reverse. A noticeably longer than normal hesitation for your transmission to engage a gear once the shifter is put in forward or reverse is another sign of transmission malfunction.

Sluggish or Delayed Acceleration

Hesitation or acceleration is a classic sign of a low transmission fluid condition. Unlike an engine where it may be normal for some oil to be consumed over time, if a transmission is low on fluid it is leaking.

Harsh Shifting and Wrong Gear Starts

A hard shift or wrong gear start either by itself or in conjunction with a check engine light is often a sign that your transmission is having serious issues. In this type of situation, it is best to get the car checked out immediately.

Vehicle Won’t Move

If your car starts and will run but will not move, there is a really good possibility that the transmission is the problem. If this happens, do not try to drive the vehicle. Either make arrangements to have it towed-in, or give us a call!